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The Campbell home is occupied by a gorgeous family who's renovation was inspired purely by the bathroom and the need for a relaxing bath. 

The clients presented the idea of the Dutch concept of gezellig, which means creating a cosy atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

At Neon White Design, we are all about good design and good people therefore this project was a perfect fit for us and what we are all about!


The space creates layers of texture and details to create a refined space that feels elegant yet cosy. From existing elements such as the textured brick to new timber flooring to add depth and warmth, the space plays homage to the natural light. 

An open plan was created by concealing a structural beam through the centre of the space, this gives great flow and connection to the spaces. 

The house was fitted with new windows and doors throughout to provide better insulation, energy rating and comfort levels.


Interior Design scope includes:

  • Kitchen 

  • Dining 

  • Living

  • Bar 

  • Laundry

  • Bathrooms

  • Family Room

Interior Design and Styling: Neon White Design

Photographer: Taylah Cunningham

Owner's Testimonial

The house is so amazing, it has revolutionised our lives.


We have chic and modern family spaces that maximise the available space, a luxurious bathroom that is perfect for family and quality quiet time, lots of light and everything is finished beautifully.


We can make new family memories in this space together for years to come.


Thank you so much for your expertise, support, good humour and patience when we were making decisions!


We would recommend your services to any one any time, and in fact already have. 


Jen and Matt

Campbell Project

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